Franklinton Cycleworks (FCW) is a non-profit community bicycle shop serving the neighborhood of Franklinton since 2008.
Our mission is threefold:


  • Educate patrons about bicycle repair and maintenance
  • Create a space and provide the means for people to maintain their bicycles
  • Foster values of community, environmental sustainability, and healthy living

A community bicycle shop is different from a regular bicycle shop in that bike repair becomes a cooperative effort rather than a marketable service. Our shop space, stands, and tools are available free of cost for anyone who wants to work on their bike. Volunteer mechanics are on hand to share their knowledge and experience.

We look forward to helping anyone interested in developing the skills and knowledge necessary to maintain one’s bike. Almost all of the bicycle parts at  the shop are used and are priced to be very affordable, although new innertubes, tires, patch kits and other bike components may be available and priced accordingly.

FCW works exclusively with used bicycles because we believe in environmental stewardship and the importance of restoration. Bikes, while fun and responsible transportation, require the use of non-renewable resources. The restoration of used bikes requires far fewer new materials and fosters the art of bringing new life to the forgotten and underappreciated.




FCW sells some rehabilitated used bikes, assists in the education of future mechanics and participates in various bike give-away programs in an effort to be a model of restoration and community cooperation. It is our hope that these ideals will diffuse into the social fabric of Franklinton and greater Columbus.