Still truckin/Special Needs

Posted on November 6, 2011 at 2:37 AM by FCWorks No Comment

Hey all,We’ve had a crazy busy summer and have loved every minute!  I’m just updating to let you know we’re still around and well.  The guys and I are a bit caught up in grant writing at the moment, as well as dreaming about what our shop will look like next year.  We will need plenty of help, so if community bike shops are something you’re passionate about and want to dive in, stop by the shop and say hi.Meanwhile, if you are looking for ways to give to the shop, here are some things we would especially love at the moment (full list on the bottom of “Volunteer” page):

-Hand soap, tough enough to cut bike grease (gojo, fast orange, any pumice soap, dish soap)
-Bike grease
-Ink cartridges 92 or 93
-Craft Supplies, specifically small art paint brushes and acrylic paintSomething fun we are looking forward to this fall is hosting the BUS projecton November 4th– a one-night only art show showcasing urban artist Matt Logsdon’s (and really, the community’s) sweet project.  Go check out his website.

See you at open shop on Saturday,

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